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Hospitality Matters.

Years ago, we set out to create the Welcome Conference, a day where people passionate about hospitality can come together and be inspired by others who embody it each day. 

What started as a place for people to network, give inspiration, and share ideas has since evolved. We’ve welcomed over 80 speakers, on three storied stages in New York City — Cooper Union, The New York Times Center, and Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center — that have shared their stories to over 5,000 people live and hundreds of thousands online.

We believe that living a life of hospitality will have a positive impact on our culture and the stories that we collect are worthy of sharing. In fact, you can find every video since 2014 below.


Hosted by
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Anthony Rudolf
& Brian Canlis



Welcome to the
Welcome Conference

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NYC 2019: Person, Place, or Thing

Past Speakers:

Rick Bayless | Gabrielle Hamilton | Hamdi Ulukaya | Alpana Singh | Gary Obligacion | Brian Koppelman | Seth Godin | Dr. Wendy Mogel | Terry Coughlin | Ross Mollison | Meridith Maskara | Simon Sinek | IN-Q | Alan Mullaly | Syrita Steib-Martin | Seth Meyers | Michael Che | Lori Silverbush | Kevin Boehm | Victoria Arlen | Dan Barber | Lara Gilmore | Patrick O’Connell | Mark Hinchliffe | Frank Guidara | Dr. John Medina | Sean Brock | Sam Lipp | Mary Celeste Beall | Gary Noesner | David Chang | Charles Carter | Richard Melman | Melanie Whelan | Jordyn Lexton | Nilou Motamed | Christina Tosi | Dan White | Donnie Madia | Marcus Samuelsson | Michael Solomonov | Alice and Chris Canlis | Drew Nieporent | Andrew Zimmern | Bobby Stucky | Elena Brower | Alan Richman | Tim Harris | Daniel Humm | Thomas Kochs | Richard Betts | Amy Mills | Sarah Robbins | Jon Batiste | Danny Meyer | Bill Golderer | Steve Ells | Banjo Harris Plane | Jen Purcell | Charles Masson | Gabe Stulman | Mark Canlis | Paul Grieco | Randy Garutti | Rita Jammet | Simon King | Jeff Katz | Nick Kokonas | Frank Bruni


Upcoming Conferences:

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We pour so much time, effort, and emotion into the conference each year – it’s one of the highlights of our careers – and because of that it’s always been hard to think about expanding it beyond the single event day in New York City. Nearly every year we talk about what else we might do, where else we could take it, but we return back to the same idea of focusing on where we are because it takes so much to make it what it has become.

We were approached by Donnie Madia and Kevin Boehm, both past speakers, after the 2018 conference in New York, about bringing the conference to Chicago and creating a smaller, regional version of it. Having friends like them come to us asking to bring it to their city meant a lot. And in their hands, two people who get what the conference is all about, in a city with such a remarkable history of hospitality, we realized how exciting this truly could be. Tickets will go live later this summer and if you’re interested in learning more about the Chicago conference, reach out to us at

If you’re interested in bringing the Welcome Conference to your city, drop us a note at

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Welcome Stories:

Our friends at San Pellegrino helped us produce these videos for the Welcome Conference. They give us a glimpse into the life of the hospitality legend, Ella Brennan along with three organizations that do tremendous work in helping to restore not only individual lives but also entire communities. We are proud to be able to showcase them and to be able to share with you the endeavors that they’ve taken on to make the world a better place.

FareStart provides its participants—individuals facing poverty—practical food service work experience in restaurants, cafes, and catering programs that provide meals to social services, shelters, and schools in the Seattle area. They get the work experience and training that they need in order to join the work force while also giving back to their community.


At Locol they believe that eating well doesn’t take a lot of money and it doesn’t take a lot of time. This fast-food mini chain strives to make healthy food an easy and accessible choice for under-served communities not only through convenience but also through its unequivocal deliciousness.


A non-profit training bakery, Hot Bread Kitchen employs foreign-born, low-income individuals who want to become financially independent through careers in baking. After a year baking at Hot Bread Kitchen, learning both culinary and business skills, they’re given assistance in finding professional baking jobs.