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June 3rd, 2019: Person, Place, or Thing

Years ago, we set out to create the Welcome Conference, a day where the hospitality community can come together and be inspired by professionals who embody it each day. 

What started as a place for people to network, give inspiration, and share ideas has since evolved. We never imagined that we would find ourselves on stage at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall bringing talented professionals (even outside our industry) together to form a community unlike any other.  

This time last year, we focused on “Restoration,” exploring the essence of excellent service, the changing workplace culture, and how the power of community truly does matter. In just a couple of months we’ll turn our attention to focus on this year’s theme: "Person, Place, or Thing." It gives our incredible speakers a freedom and openness to share one of the greatest lessons they've learned over the course of their lives, and we can't wait to get them onstage.

We are so excited about the group of remarkable people who have gathered for this year’s conference, and we can’t wait to welcome you on June 3rd!

Will, Anthony, and Brian

Tickets are sold out.



Welcome to the
Welcome Conference

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Hosted by
Will Guidara
Anthony Rudolf
& Brian Canlis



Rick Bayless - Chef & Restaurateur 
Gabrielle Hamilton - Chef & Author
Hamdi Ulukaya - Founder & CEO, Chobani
Alpana Singh - Restaurateur & Master Sommelier
Gary Obligacion - GM, The Post Ranch Inn
Brian Koppelman - Filmmaker and TV Series Creator
Seth Godin - Author, Entrepreneur & Teacher
Dr. Wendy Mogel - Author & Clinical Psychologist
Terry Coughlin - Director of Operations, USHG
Ross Mollison - Creator, Spiegelworld
Meridith Maskara - CEO, The Girl Scouts of New York
Simon Sinek - Optimist & Author



9:00                Breakfast by CxRA & Breads Bakery
                           Coffee by Joe

                           Gary Obligacion
                           Wendy Mogel
                           Alpana Singh
                           Simon Sinek

12:00             Lunch by CxRA

                          Ross Mollison
                          Terry Coughlin
                          Gabrielle Hamilton
                          Hamdi Ulukaya & Priya Krishna
3:00               Snack by Chobani & NoMad

                          Brian Koppelman & Seth Godin
                          Meridith Maskara
                          Rick Bayless

5:30-7          Cocktail Reception by CxRA

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Welcome Stories:
Hospitality of Hope

Our friends at San Pellegrino helped us produce these videos for the 2018 Welcome Conference. They give us a glimpse into three organizations that do tremendous work in helping to restore not only individual lives but also entire communities. We are proud to be able to showcase them and to be able to share with you the endeavors that they’ve taken on to make the world a better place.

FareStart provides its participants—individuals facing poverty—practical food service work experience in restaurants, cafes, and catering programs that provide meals to social services, shelters, and schools in the Seattle area. They get the work experience and training that they need in order to join the work force while also giving back to their community.


At Locol they believe that eating well doesn’t take a lot of money and it doesn’t take a lot of time. This fast-food mini chain strives to make healthy food an easy and accessible choice for under-served communities not only through convenience but also through its unequivocal deliciousness.


A non-profit training bakery, Hot Bread Kitchen employs foreign-born, low-income individuals who want to become financially independent through careers in baking. After a year baking at Hot Bread Kitchen, learning both culinary and business skills, they’re given assistance in finding professional baking jobs.



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